Shareholder Disputes Arbitration

ADR neutrals can assist with working through the challenges of being co-owners of a business.

Being in business for yourself can have many rewards, but it also presents interpersonal challenges in working with other co-owners. In a small closely-held company, the owners literally have a great stake in the business. It is natural for challenges to arise in making decisions about how to operate the business, how to supervise employees, and market your goods or services. These challenges do not need to turn into relationship-destroying disputes.

shareholder disputes arbitrationIn larger businesses where shareholders may not have day-to-day involvement with the operation of the business, it is inevitable that disagreements will arise about the management of the business. Shareholder disputes can be a costly distraction from the operation and profits of the corporation.

Nebraska Shareholder Disputes Arbitration & Mediation

Are you looking for help resolving a disagreement between business owners in Nebraska? Are you a shareholder that disagrees with the actions of the managers of a Nebraska corporation? Shareholder disputes arbitration or mediation is a promising way of reducing conflict in these settings.

Affirmative Dispute Resolution has a roster of ADR Neutrals available to arbitrate or mediate shareholders disputes in Nebraska. Use our ADR Neutral Finder to identify a qualified business arbitrator or mediator. You may also call 402-835-6300, and we would be pleased to assist you with identifying a suitable neutral.