Probate Mediation

When heirs or relatives contest a will or trust, a private probate mediator can assist with resolving the dispute quickly.

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Nebraska Probate Mediation Services

After someone passes in Nebraska with a will or a trust in place, the possibility still exists that heirs, relatives or other interested parties may challenge the will or trust. Nebraska probate disputes arise frequently.

Probate mediators in Nebraska can be requested 24/7. 

The challenge may be from someone who wants the most recent will to be valid.  Alternatively, the challenge may be from someone who disputes whether the last will is in fact the legitimate will, or whether the will is rather the result of undue influence by someone seeking financial gain. These disputes between relatives and alleged heirs may end up in Nebraska courts.

Sometimes heirs disagree about how to interpret provisions in a will.  Sometimes they dispute whether real estate should be sold and distributed in a partition action. Nebraska judges have authority to make these decisions, but private probate mediation may be a better option.

Trust challenges may also arise in the interpretation and administration of trusts.  Questions may also arise about the intentions and capacity of the settlor or trustor. An alternative to probate court is to locate a Nebraska trust and probate mediator who can help facilitate a voluntary settlement outside court.

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Disputes between family members or heirs often end up in probate court, but there are other options for resolving probate disputes in Nebraska.  Private probate mediators are available. Affirmative Dispute Resolution in Omaha has Nebraska probate mediators and arbitrators available to assist in eastern, central and western Nebraska.

Probate mediation is an affirmative way of resolving these conflicts before they get out of hand.  While the appointing judge in Nebraska county courts has authority to hear disputes arising out of the probate case, this may not be the most efficient or effective way or resolving these disputes.

Retired judges and seasoned attorneys who mediate and help settle probate disputes in Nebraska are available in Omaha, Lincoln and other locations throughout the state. Probate mediators licensed in Nebraska can be requested online.

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