Conservatorship and Guardianship Mediation

Being appointed and serving as guardian or conservator involves weighty decisions that are ripe for conflict.

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Nebraska Guardianship Mediation and Arbitration Services

Family, friends and other interested parties may invoke the Nebraska Probate Code to have a guardian appointed for individuals of all ages who are unable to make decisions for themselves.  Naturally, serving as a guardian for another individual involves making many decisions on their behalf.  Some of these decisions may be unpopular and lead to conflict between concerned parties.  Whether the dispute involves a guardian of a minor or guardian of an elder with health conditions, these conflicts can jeopardize the ward’s care and cause a drain on resources.

Nebraska Conservatorship Mediation and Arbitration Services

If someone is appointed as a conservator by a Nebraska court, he or she is designated to take charge of the property of a “protected person.”  A conservator has a fiduciary responsibility to the protected person to manage his or her finances, protect income and property, maintain a list of assets, develop a plan for meeting needs, paying bills, prudently investing money, seeking available benefits, paying taxes, keeping financial records, recovering assets due and reporting to the court.  Sometimes disputes arise as to whether a conservator is appropriately fulfilling his or her duties to the protected person.

Guardianship mediation and conservatorship arbitration are affirmative ways of resolving these conflicts before they get out of hand.  While the appointing judge has authority to hear disputes arising out of the guardianship or conservatorship, this may not be the most efficient or effective way or resolving these disputes.

guardianship mediationRetired Judge Dan Beckwith knows first hand the issues faced by guardians, wards and other stakeholders.  Now as a private guardianship mediator, Judge Beckwith is available to parties for private guardianship mediation in Nebraska.  Learn more about Dan Beckwith here.  Contact Affirmative Dispute Resolution at 402-835-6300 to inquire about Judge Beckwith’s or another ADR neutral’s availability, or you may click here to submit a case for consideration right now.