Breach of Contract Mediation & Arbitration

ADR neutrals can assist with resolving disputes between parties to a contract or agreement.

When a contractual relationship sours, the initial instincts of the parties to the agreement often focus on a lawsuit, whether it be in state, federal or even small claims court.  “Breach of contract” is the legal theory that is premised on allegations that one or more parties to an enforceable agreement failed to perform as the contract required.

Contracts may be relatively simple, such as an agreement to purchase a used vehicle, or they may be complex agreements like those for the merger of two large businesses in different states.  Whatever the agreement, breach of contract mediation or arbitration are generally better options for the parties than fighting for a win-lose situation in court.

Nebraska neutrals for breach of contract mediation and arbitration

Are you a lawyer or party looking for a Nebraska mediator or arbitrator to facilitate or decide a case involving a claim of breach of contract?  Affirmative Dispute Resolution’s ADR Neutral Roster has Nebraska contract mediators and contract arbitrators.  Mediation and arbitration is available for a variety of contract claims, including:

  • breach of contract mediationbuy-sell agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • business operating agreements
  • automobile purchase agreements
  • membership subscriptions
  • home service agreements
  • product warranties
  • commercial and residential construction agreements
  • landscaping and lawn maintenance contracts
  • pest control contracts
  • insurance policies

If you are considering breach of contract mediation or arbitration in Nebraska, use our ADR Neutral Finder to select an available contract mediator or arbitrator.  You can also call us at 402.835.6300 and we would be happy to help you select an appropriate neutral for your Nebraska contract dispute.  Based in Omaha, our neutrals are available for contract cases throughout the state of Nebraska.

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