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Hon. Daniel J. Beckwith / Omaha Nebraska Mediator


Judge Daniel J. Beckwith

ADR Neutral & Nebraska Certified Mediator in Omaha

Omaha Nebraska MediatorJudge Beckwith is an experienced mediator in Omaha, Nebraska available to assist parties in conflict with resolving a variety of disputes, including community, family, guardianship and conservatorship, probatebusiness, employment, property, personal injury and others.

  • Trained Mediator
  • Former State District County Court Judge
  • Former Tribal Prosecutor
  • Legal Education and Justice Advisor
  • Adjunct Professor / Instructor
  • Child and Family Services Review Evaluator
  • Election Monitor
  • International Consultant Access to Justice
  • Senior Rule of Law Advisor – War Crimes

Daniel Beckwith, Mediator & Arbitrator
14301 FNB Parkway, Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68154
402-835-6300, ext. 201


As a third party neutral, former trial court judge Dan Beckwith leverages his extensive experience in both traditional and alternative dispute resolution to provide an unbiased and disciplined approach to resolving intense conflict.  In addition to serving nearly thirty years as a district county court judge in Nebraska, he has over twenty five years of immersion in mediation and other ADR procedures.  Judge Beckwith is able to provide parties in conflict with the fairness expected of a judge and the responsiveness afforded by a private ADR practice.  Judge Beckwith is an Omaha, NE mediator available to assist attorneys and parties with disputes throughout Nebraska.

Judge Beckwith’s passionate interest in improving the human condition has led his professional development to participation in various political and justice systems around the world.  Serving as a state trial court judge would have provided a rich enough background in conflict resolution.  Beckwith went further, spending decades as a student, practitioner, mentor and teacher of alternative dispute resolution methods.  His passion to explore other justice systems, including Native American and Middle Eastern societies, eventually led him to retire from full time judicial service in order to focus on social healing. Beckwith’s work has taken him to high conflict areas of Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Croatia, Kosovo, Nepal and Northern Ireland.

With extensive mediation training and experience, Judge Beckwith is an Omaha Nebraska mediator who is equipped to assist parties in resolving disputes of all types, from high intensity community conflicts, multi-party business disputes, human resource challenges, complex civil lawsuits, and various family and juvenile law matters.  He is a pioneer in the field of alternative dispute resolution in Nebraska, having served as Chairman of the Advisory Council to the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution for 10 years. In 2012, he received the Builder Award from the Nebraska Mediation Association: “forward looking judge .. paving the way for alternative dispute resolution .. in the courts.”  Beckwith is certified in advanced mediation and family mediation from the Nebraska Training Institute for Mediation.   He has presented numerous seminars and workshops on mediation and alternative dispute resolution for lawyers, citizens, and judges throughout Nebraska, Bosnia and Northern Ireland.

Judge Beckwith enjoys his work as a mediator, negotiator, and educator.  He utilizes his people skills and a willingness to be daring in order to skillfully bring parties to a mutually agreeable settlement.  The unique analytical skills he brought to his work in the judiciary are among the skills he brings to his ADR practice.  In addition to mediating or arbitrating disputes, Beckwith is adept at providing an evaluation of case strengths and weaknesses and resolving conflicts regarding the scope and subject matter of discovery.




Legal Education and Justice Advisor, PAE – Justice Sector Support Program, September 2011 – July 2013, Afghanistan

  • Team Lead-Legal Education and Training (LETA) for the largest rule of law program in the world, developing curriculum and providing education and training for Afghanistan judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, police officers (they are quasi-probation officers), and Afghan Ministries.
  • Supervise 20+ Afghan and International professionals
  • Prepare performance evaluations, in compliance with National and International standards including the U.S. Department of State/INL guidelines.
  • Responsible for LETA team producing the highest quality work and meeting U.S. Department of State (DoS) deadlines.
  • Responsible for developing, preparing and managing the LETA budget submitted to DoS.
  • Develop juvenile training curriculum, e.g. “Alternatives to Incarceration”
  • Draft numerous written reporting documents weekly.
  • Served in JAS (Judicial Assistance Support), located in Kabul, meeting with the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, including: the Chief Justice, Secretariat, Administration Director General of Judiciary, Director of Study & Research, Director of Judicial Education, Director of Procurement, to assist in Judicial Education to improve the judiciary.
  • Traveled to other providences in Afghanistan assessing and assisting in direct training of judges in regional courts.
  • Responsible for the billeting of 60+ JSSP international staff at three different locations, including coordinating a major relocation of all staff and their personal effects.

Mediator, State Court Administrator’s Office, January 1987 – Present, Nebraska, Bosnia and Ireland

  • Organize, teach, and present numerous seminars and workshops on mediation and alternative dispute resolution for lawyers, citizens, and judges throughout Nebraska.
  • Served 10 years as Chairman of advisory council to Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution.
  • Advanced Mediation: Certified in advanced mediation and family mediation from Nebraska Training Institute for Mediation (1994 & 1997)
  • Northern Ireland model of transformation mediation from TIDES organization in Belfast, Ireland, (2004). Studied with Colin Craig, Founder of TIDES.
  • Developed Bosnian Proposal: Mediation and Dialogue: An Approach To Social Healing
  • Actively mediating conflict cases

Judge, Nebraska Supreme Court, July 2005 – September 2011, Lincoln, Nebraska Area

  • Handled Civil, Criminal and Juvenile Court Cases through out Nebraska, including the Separate Juvenile Courts in Lincoln and Omaha. Cases include: all types of juvenile court hearings, civil cases, termination of parental rights trials, domestic violence, homicide jury trials and other complex criminal and civil cases as assigned by the Nebraska Supreme Court

Tribal Prosecutor, Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa, March 2008 – August 2011, Omaha Indian Reservation

  • Served as the Tribal Prosecutor in the Omaha Tribal Court, located on the Omaha Nation Indian Reservation. The Omaha Tribe is a sovereign nation with its own governing council and laws.
  • Reviewed FBI and police reports, filed charges and prosecuted adult and juvenile cases. The high level of violence and domestic abuse requires special attention to program development for domestic violence victims, including community outreach and education.
  • Prosecuted and represented the Tribe in all juvenile hearings, bench and jury trials. I worked closely with the FBI, Federal, Bureau of Indian Affairs and State Prosecutors regarding the most egregious of crimes to encourage additional prosecution and accountability.
  • Coordinated dialogue between the schools, court, law enforcement, service providers and parent/guardian/custodians to improve school attendance and graduation. Worked with agencies building community awareness and involvement.
  • Encourage mediation and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Proposed and assisted in drafting new tribal laws and code amendments.
  • Assisted in developing a juvenile probation office including training probation officers, with the assistance of Bob Denton from Nebraska State Probation.

Adjunct Professor/Instructor, Midland University, University of Sarajevo, Nebraska Bar Association, St. Mary’s College, September 1993 – August 2011, Fremont, NE, Sarajevo, BiH, Lincoln, NE, Minneapolis, MN

ADJUNCT PROFESSOR 1993 – Present, Midland University, Fremont, Nebraska

  • Developed curriculum for and teach undergraduate courses in juvenile law, criminal law, criminal corrections, criminal procedure, human rights and mediation.
  • Curriculum development and instructor for The Midland MYPATH Adult Degree Program.
  • Some courses taught: Juvenile Justice, Domestic Violence, Family in Society, Criminal Procedure, Survey in Criminal Justice

ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR 2013 – Present, Metropolitan Community College, Omaha NE

  • Courses include: Courts and Judicial Process, Inro to Criminal Justice, Interviewing and Interrogation, Legal Report Writing

ADJUNCT PROFESSOR Spring 2005, University of Sarajevo Sarajevo, Bosnia

  • Taught course on American courts and judicial system for 25 students, judges and legal professionals. For ABA/CEELI.

LECTURER/ TRAINER 1977–2005, Nebraska Bar Association

  • Organized, taught, and presented numerous seminars and workshops on juvenile justice, judicial reform and conflict resolution: e.g. case load/docket management, citizen “access to justice” for lawyers, citizens, and judges throughout Nebraska.
  • 69TH Conference of Lutheran College Faculties 2005
  • Featured Speaker: Ethics In Our World Today
  • University of South Dakota 2005
  • St. Mary’s College, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2007
  • Community Corrections and Addictions Treatment 2007
  • Workshop/session speaker: “Justice and Treatment Working Together.”

Child and Family Services Review Evaluator, Nebraska Health and Human Services, March 2004 – March 2008, Greater Omaha Area

  • Served as a reviewer and team member of the Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) evaluating the Nebraska Protection and Safety programs and reporting the findings and results to the Federal DHHS.

Election Monitor, OSCE – Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, August 1997 – March 2007, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Albania

  • Bosnia September and November 1997
    • Election monitor in the country’s first elections. Responsibilities included working with National Election Committee to establish democratic processes, problem solving with political parties, communicating with international media, and observing elections.
  • Croatia 1998
    • Supervised voting for out-of-country and displaced persons.
  • Bosnia 2000
    • Supervised 6 polling stations. Managed diverse election teams, ensured fair processes across stations, and intervened in high-intensity, near-riot situation to ensure that elections remained open.
  • Kosovo 2001 & 2002
    • Selected as Head of International Election Monitor Team. Supervised multiple voting stations and approximately 50 junior election monitors.
  • Albania 2007
    • Member of 4 person international team observing in a remote area of extreme conflict.

International Consultant Access to Justice, UNDP-Nepal, February 2006 – March 2006, Katmandu, Nepal

  • Served on an advisory team including Emilia Mugnai, UNDP-Bangkok, Purna Man Shakya, Attorney & Shantam Khadka, UNDP- Nepal. The TOR (Terms of Reference) considered the legal and judicial structures, using the human rights model, while applying the lens of conflict, with a goal of building accountability and social healing through recommendations to expand and improve “access to justice” that includes the neediest within Nepal.
  • Special attention was given to “Criminal and Juvenile Court Cases” involving incarceration.
  • As part of the team and personally, met with District Court Judges, Supreme Court Justices, Registrar Supreme Court, Court Administrators and Court Personnel, Secretary General of Parliament, Legislators, Attorney General, Minister of Finance, Nepal Bar Association, Law School Dean and faculty, advocacy organizations, Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority, Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry of Land Reforms, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution programs, Nepal Judicial Academy, Election Commissioner, Access to Justice Project; assessing problems, needs, and identifying strengths.
  • Our team met with representatives of ARD, Asia Foundation, DANIA, DIFID, EU, Finland’s Ambassador, GTZ, Japan’s Ambassador, OHCHR, UNICEF, USAID discussing cooperation and areas of partnership.
  • In addition to Katmandu, team visited Kapilvastu, Chitwan, Bagar, Kaski and Tanahun District Courts assessing problems, needs and identifying strengths.
  • An oral presentation was given to the UNDP Nepal and the donor community within Nepal.
  • A written report of observations, conclusions and recommendations was provided to UNDP.

Senior Rule of Law Advisor – War Crimes, OSCE/BiH Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, November 2004 – June 2005, Sarajevo, Bosnia, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Managed national war crime trial monitoring unit:
  • Analyzed over 30 war crime trials in ethnically charged, post-conflict environment.
  • Identified capacity of local judiciary to handle cases impartially and efficiently.
  • Provided judicial training for approximately 60 international and local legal staff.
  • Supervised 5 lawyers and 24 trial monitors.
  • Created new war crime monitoring unit for high-level trials transferred from The Hague to Bosnian courts.
  • Developed alternative restorative justice approaches for war crimes victims at request of Ambassador, Mediation and Dialogue: An Approach To Social Healing.
  • Drafted numerous written report documents for OSCE legal department.
  • Convened ongoing working group of 20 international and national organizations to coordinate efforts and resources for truth and reconciliation and mediation.
  • Developed and Proposed a system for conflict resolution: Mediation and Dialogue: An approach to Social Healing
  • Advised Supreme Court, Cantonal and District Judges, Ministry of Justice Officials and National attorneys regarding judicial reform and capacity building.
  • Served as media spokesperson for Bosnian War Crimes Report to international and local media.
  • Presented trial progress and analysis to national and international donors and partners.

District County Judge, Nebraska Supreme Court, January 1976 – December 2004, 6th Judicial District

  • Conducted more than 5,000 criminal trials and drafted 10,000 court orders and opinions.
  • Conducted thousands of juvenile court hearings.
  • Conducted more than 5,000 small claims trial, including using mediation
  • Consulted on 20+ pieces of successful state legislation in criminal law and mediation.
  • Managed wide array of cases addressing criminal, civil, divorce, probate, juvenile and administrative issues.
  • Reviewed cases and laws for constitutional and social impact.
  • Authored articles on mediation and juvenile justice in popular press and local law reviews and publications.
  • Advised Nebraska Governors, Nebraska Supreme Court and State Legislature on mediation, legislation, court reform/case management, juvenile, civil, criminal and family law issues.
  • Have excellent knowledge of FMLA and ADA laws and their impact on employees and human resource issues.