How can ADR help you affirmatively resolve your dispute?


Affirmative Dispute Resolution provides a number of services to help parties take control and resolve their disputes with a more affirmative process.  Nebraska-based mediators may serve as third party “neutrals” to facilitate, evaluate or adjudicate disputes, depending on the needs of the parties in conflict.

For instance, an Omaha mediator may facilitate a mediation session between parties to a troubled real estate transaction in Douglas County.  Similarly, a Lincoln mediator may evaluate the positions of business partners in a profit-sharing dispute in Lancaster County.  A Scottsbluff mediator may arbitrate a dispute where a homebuyer alleges a construction defect in a home in the Nebraska panhandle.

Affirmative Dispute Resolution is ADR.  How can ADR help you?


A neutral can mediate, conciliate and build consensus towards a mutually acceptable resolution of a dispute.

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A neutral can provide feedback about case strengths and weaknesses to disputing parties and attorneys.

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A neutral can render an adjudicatory decision through arbitration, private judging and mini-trials.

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