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While conflict is inevitable, we have an affirmative choice of how to respond to disputes. There are better choices than fighting for a win-lose outcome or avoiding a dispute that needs to be confronted.

ADR Services to Enhance Litigation

Traditional dispute resolution through court is necessary sometimes, and when it happens Affirmative Dispute Resolution can support the process.  ADR assists with case evaluation, resolving discovery disputes, facilitating settlement conferences, and mediation efforts.

nebraska mediatorsADR Services to Avoid Litigation

When parties in conflict agree that it makes sense to employ alternative dispute resolution methods, Affirmative Dispute Resolution can manage the process.  ADR provides third party neutrals to assist with evaluation, conciliation, mediation or arbitration of disputes.

Affirmative Dispute Resolution is ADR.  How can ADR help you?

Based in Omaha, Affirmative Dispute Resolution can provide ADR services and Nebraska mediators and neutrals throughout the state for a variety of disputes.

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